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Panel List 2015

Access and Accommodation for Staff With Disabilities

People with disabilities aren’t just congoers, they’re conrunners too. We’ll look at some of the ways event organizations can make the work experience more positive for all staff members.

Accessibility at Conventions

How to make sure your event is inclusive for all, including those with physical, intellectual or emotional disabilities. This includes getting around the convention, panels and other presentations as well as communication about the convention (websites, etc).

The All White Guy Diversity Panel (and other bad ideas)

Fandom is full of people who deserve to have their voices heard, especially when their lives and cultures are what’s being discussed. We’ll look at good, and not so good ways to be inclusive.

Art Gallery Planning

There’s a lot to running an art show, but when everything clicks it can make for a great addition to your convention. Find out what’s involved from beginning to end.

Badge Design Dos & Don’ts

Everybody gets one, and many people save them as souvenirs of the experience, so it has to be memorable and yet serve a purpose. Join us for a look at what goes into designing convention badges.

Bells & Whistles

What do you really need in the way of basic AV to put your convention on? What is just throwing money away on needlessly that could be better used elsewhere? On the other hand, if it’s in the budget why not get something that makes your convention look better?

Cards Against Con Sanity Card Creation Panel

Join us Friday night for a wild, brainstorming session to create more cards for Cards Against Con Sanity, our own extension set to Cards Against Humanity and Cards Against Fandom from JOFcon, that we can use in the card game room for the rest of the weekend.

Communicating via Social Media

How to market your convention on social media, communicate with your community, and use social tools effectively.

Community Management

How to engage with your community, develop a responsive attitude, and what kind of etiquette to adopt when dealing with attendees.

Conrunners Campfire

Admit it, there’s something about train wrecks that’s fascinating. The same can be said about conventions that fail, the more spectacular the better. Cry havoc, let slip the puppies of war and follow the buzzards!

Con Staff and Personal Adversity

Car accidents, illness, death in the family, how do you cope when real life happens and your con running has to take a back seat?

Costume & Cosplay Events 101

Experienced costuming staff will discuss the basics of running an event, from deciding the format that best works for your show to working out the budget, staff and resources needed.

Database Demo

AN IT professional shows you how to use a simple custom database to manage registration info and make your organization run smoother.

The Feeding and Watering of Humans

Running con suites, staff lounges and green rooms. Tips for getting best value and keeping to budget.

Floor Plans and Power Drops

Planning your event space is often overlooked by new organizers, but it is one of the most crucial skills.

From Worldcon to Now

A look at the history and evolution of fan gatherings from their early days to the latest trends.

Gaming Events 101

Learn the basics of running a successful gaming event.

Guest Relations

How to book guests, arrange accommodations, deal with agents, look for new talent, and respond to your community’s needs.

Harassment Policies

No issue has received more attention in recent years than harassment, stalking and threatening in the convention setting. We’ll continue our discussion from last year and look at new developments.

Hotel Horror Stories

Share your worst experiences dealing with hotels, we promise it will make you feel better.

How To Find Sponsors

Sponsors are good to have, but how do you convince them to support you? We’ll share some advice and success stories as well as things to be aware of when approaching companies to sponsor your event.

The Importance of Themes to a Con

So what’s your convention about? EVERYTHING!!!!! is not necessarily the right answer. As more and more multi-genre events are being organized, creating an identity for your event becomes incredibly important. Sure, your convention can cover any multitude of different events and interest under one roof, but having a “Theme” can help to establish what your fan-base will identify your event by in years to come.

Integrating Gaming With Your Events

Just like any other hobby stream, gaming is a diverse hobby filled with interesting personalities. How do you decide what’s right for you? How do you organize a player space and bring together groups to help organize your events?”

IOEA Presentation

In March 2015, representatives of Anime North went to Japan to take part in a showcase of fan events from around the world, with attendance of over 150,000 people. Irwin Tan will show pictures and talk about this unforgettable experience.

Just what does a ConChair do?

Besides taking the credit, just what does and should a ConChair do? How does the type and size of the event affect the role?

Let’s Start a Convention, ASAP!!!

Ever wanted to start a convention of your own, but don’t have enough time before your dates? Than come learn how to put on a con with just about a month of planning.

Managing Panels and Panelists

Use of Technology in the panel room and in panelist herding. From AV rigs to recommended VOIP.

Organization by Combat

Why do so many concoms fall apart through infighting and fan politics? Are there ways to reduce the friction and keep the peace for the good of the convention?

Outside The Box Programming

Programming is much more than panels. Take a look at simple, unexpected types of events that can add a lot to the congoing experience with minimal effort.

Press & Publicity

Have you ever wondered how to get your convention’s name on the map? How effective is social media? What does a good Press Release look like and where should you send it? Advertising – how should I target it and where? These questions and more will be explored and discussed.

Promotional Goods & Merchandise

The ins and outs of creating merchandise and promo items for your event – logistics, costs and ways to get more from your budget.

Registration 101

Registration is the only department that deals with each and every congoer at least once. Discuss the basics of operating the Reg Desk, online registration, how to speed the lineup, computers: friend or foe? and more.

Reports and Record Keeping

Keeping track of information and passing it on in a timely way is vital. We discuss what works and what often doesn’t.

Rising To The Challenge

Reality has a way of intruding into conventions. Whether it’s a swine flu outbreak, a Code Adam, the RCMP looking for one of your dealers or Revenue Canada changing the rules on you, how do you as a conrunner deal with problems during their event?

Sasquan, The Inside Story

One of the biggest stories of the year in fandom was the campaign to affect the outcome of the Hugo awards for science fiction publications, which affected to 2015 Worldcon in Spokane in unexpected way. Join 2 of the staff members of Sasquan to hear their stories.

Show, It Tells

Designing graphics that help create a memorable identity for your event.

Staff Team Management

The Ins/Outs and Do’s/Don’ts to help a conventions staff team stay focused and on track to have a successful con.

The Ugliness Outside

Puppies, gates, criminal incidents and other nightmares, how keep them out of your convention and deal with it if they find a way in.

Video Star

Putting together video rooms and tracks from a technical and programming view. It’s more than just watching old shows in the dark.

Website Design

Tips for designing your event’s website to get the most out of it.

Welcome to the Forum

The Organizers of Fan Events Forum welcome everyone back to our event and discuss what everyone is hoping to achieve over the weekend